Whether at the Seed, or through to Series B, we love investing and supporting early stage technology ventures in the Middle East. As ex-entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it’s not always easy to get a startup off the ground.

We were in your shoes once upon a time, and we’ve gone through the journey too, from the kernel of an idea, and all the way through to raising funds to build something special.

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Boosting amazing entrepreneurs from ground zero into outer space

We look for extraordinary management teams with clarity of vision, solid execution and a lot of tenacity. We love game changing ideas with compelling value propositions that drastically change the status quo.

We like companies that target large addressable markets and can become the technology titans of our region. We look for moats and business elements that can create sustainable competitive advantage.




We have an affinity for businesses which demonstrate high defensibility through moats, switching costs and capital efficient models.

We like to lead Late Seed, pre Series A, and Series A rounds where we aim for an initial ownership of at least 15% with greater flexibility towards more capital efficient business models. Our ideal initial investment is up to $2m. However, we can go as high as $5m depending on ownership and how much Product Market Fit is demonstrated.




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