Making education personalized.

The team at Augmental decided to build a tool that would change the way every student learned using adaptive eLearning.

The vision is to build a platform that teachers would love to use because of its transformative value and that students would enjoy and be engaged in the learning process.



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Adaptive | Comprehensive | personalized

Augmental is an adaptive eLearning platform targeting 6th to 12th-grade school students and teachers where course material is adapted to students based on their performance.

Teachers are provided with access to easily manage their content and have access to comprehensive reporting to assist students better.




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Increasing student performance

Augmental is passionate about learning. Using Augmental, students will be provided with different types of resources including images, videos, text, audio and assignments, adapted to their learning strengths and preferences – all of which has been proven to improve their performance significantly.

Augmental also equips teachers with a powerful dashboard to monitor students’ progress, with the ability to view in real-time areas that need to be immediately addressed.

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