Tarabut Gateway
Tarabut Gateway is rebuilding trust in financial services

Tarabut Gateway is delivering the Spirit of Open Banking through the MENA region’s first and largest regulated Open Banking platform (AISP & PISP) that connects a regional network of banks and Fintechs via a universal application programming interface (API).

Through its multisided open API platform, Tarabut Gateway enables banks and Fintechs to leverage data from multiple parties to create more personalized services and distribute them through its marketplace.

Creating real value in a new world of financial services in MENA

By developing a single universal open banking Application Programming Interface (API), Tarabut Gateway provides access to a global network of banks and FinTechs that allows money and information to flow securely, instantly and at a low cost.

Tarabut Gateway offers tools that allow the facilitation and distribution of personalized financial services and enables financial institutions to build a new world of financial services in MENA.




Delivering the spirit of open banking

Tarabut Gateway’s mission is to facilitate the creation and distribution of personalized financial services. The team has a clear vision to be the MENA region’s dominant financial ecosystem.

They are dynamic, passionate and work together to achieve big goals. Tarabut Gateway is the first licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

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