Tawazon is the first meditation and mindfulness application in Arabic, providing short, scientifically proven sessions, for both adults and children.

Delivering an integrated library of body-guided meditation, Tawazon lets users start a journey of physical balance with short daily guided meditations in Arabic.

The app is expertly designed for relaxation and stress reduction, special meditations for relaxation and deep sleep.




Comprehensive | Integrated | Experiential

Tawazon offers a comprehensive space to start meditation and raise the quality of life for its users. It facilitates ways to integrate meditation into your daily life easily, and how to increase focus and productivity at work through scientifically proven short daily exercises.

The exercises provided by Tawazon include various topics teaching users how to reduce anxiety and tension, depression and insomnia and raise inner peace and stillness.




Meditation sessions in the Arabic language

The Tawazon team seeks to improve the daily life of the Arab person and families by providing a mobile application that delivers daily, short and scientifically proven meditation sessions.

The innovative app focuses on developing and recording meditation sessions in the Arabic language which enhances the state of mind of Arab communities around the world.

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المؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي، توازن

سونا زعبي عثمان

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Suna Zoabi-Othman

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