Whitebox HR
Predictive Insights, bias free, through Machine Learning, Organization Network Analysis, and People Science

We are an HR Tech company that uses machine learning, organization network analysis and people science to provide predictive and actionable insights to make organizations healthier, more productive AND to make employees happier and more engaged.

We understand that people are complex, but deciding who to hire, engage, retain or promote shouldn’t be.


What we do
Customizing companies’ advanced algorithms to redefine the employee and hiring experience

Whitebox HR is currently working in stealth mode, partnering with select Fortune 1000 and cutting-edge organizations passionate about redefining their employee and candidate experience. 

The company’s advanced algorithms are customized at a role level to each company because in the world of talent, one size does not fit all.




A technology obsessed company using AI and Machine Learning to enhance talent management

Proudly built in the UAE with love, WhiteBox HR is obsessed with technology and passionate about using AI and Analytics to augment the employee and candidate experience and increase happiness, engagement, positivity, and productivity for all. 

Whitebox HR is focused on shaping the future of work and through its technology, companies can take a holistic view of all available data and use it to predict.

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Who we are
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