1702ai develops AI gun detector technology powered by deep learning algorithms.

Developed by 1702ai, Samson Weapon Detection is an AI gun detector video platform powered by deep learning algorithms. It dramatically improves alerting response time and provides instant situation awareness to first responders.

What we do
Safety | Accuracy | Security

The Samson Gun Detector identifies weapon attacks in 0.01 seconds. In developing this state-of-the-art weapon detection system, 1702ai uses existing IT infrastructures and video cameras, acting as a second pair of eyes that never needs to take a break. The new technology helps security personnel to become more intelligent, faster and is priced at a fraction of a security team.

Improving response time and providing instant situation awareness

1702ai video analytic tool connects to any CCTV stream and is able to detect weapons such as guns and knives in real-time. The Samson weapon detection system combines innovative thinking with artificial intelligence to make you safer. The technology operates with standard security cameras - the precision and speed of this gun detector makes it the best detector available, enabling security teams to respond and neutralize threats quickly. This product is massively scalable for smart cities.

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Who we are
Founder & CEO - 1702ai

Joe Levy

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