Enabling companies to build and launch cutting-edge financial products in the Middle East.

Lean is building developer-friendly infrastructure to provide access to consumer Financial data.

The company’s simple APIs abstract developers away from the complexities of the financial ecosystem, enabling them to focus on the consumer.


What we do
Simple, secure APIs to help developers build smart financial products

Lean makes it easy for developers to connect to their users’ bank accounts, so they can focus on the true value they want to give to their users.

The company makes sure that the connection to the bank is useful, reliable and secure.



Empowering the next generation of Fintech innovators in the Middle East

Lean is a team of impact-driven entrepreneurs and technologists on a mission to enable the next generation of Financial innovation in the Middle East.

The team believes that the strength of a developer is their creativity. Lean is providing the infrastruture for developers to dream up and execute ideas that can change the Fintech landscape of the Middle East.

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Who we are

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