Helping parents manage their lives around their kids

Nurturey is a one-stop companion for parents offering digital tools – Tools - that help parents effectively and efficiently manage their lives around their kids.

With its ORGANISE, NURTURE, TEAM-UP and CHERISH model, Nurturey’s Tools addresses key aspects of life around kids.


What we do
Providing an intelligent personal assistant for parents of young children

Nurturey’s range of innovative, digital productivity tools empowers parents to manage information, resources, activities and memories – basically their lives around kids – in one place on the web and smartphone.

Parents can activate tools to suit their needs throughout their parental journey.



Productivity tools for parents, Networking for Parents, and Empowering Parents

Nurturey is dedicated to helping parents stay on top of their child’s health and development. It's integrated with the NHS in the UK and is in process to be integrated with Malaffi in Abu Dhabi.

The startup’s intutive tools empower parents to track health aspects such as immunisations, growth charts, dental, vision, set reminders, book online appointments with doctors and insights that proactively identify emerging health needs.

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