RemotePass offers a free all-in-one solution to manage business trips & expenses on-the-go.

RemotePass is a SaaS platform for Business Travel and Expense automation. It offers business travelers the largest inventory of flights and hotels at the best prices, a 24/7 support and an expense management tool via a single app.


What we do
Using Big Data to analyze the most affordable business travel options

The RemotePass app uses big data to analyze pricing and suggests the most cost-effective ways to travel while saving companies up 30% in their travel budget.

The platform offers advanced tools for HR managers & CFOs to predict budgets, track spending in real-time, define corporate policy/workflow approvals as well as manage team members in an easy and simple way.

Helping business save on travel costs

Founded in 2019 to take the business travel experience to the next level, RemotePass is a SaaS platform for Business Travel & Expense automation. 

The company was built with one simple mission, to make business travel seamless and a hassle-free experience.

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