Changing the way you receive and spend your salary

Abhi is an early wage access platform allowing salaried employees to draw down a percentage of their accrued salary before the next payroll cycle.

The app takes less than 30 seconds and two clicks for a registered user to access the funds, with a flat 2% transaction fee. The funds are automatically deducted from the next paycheck




Financially empowering your businesses and employees

Abhi povides Earned Wage Access, Invoice Factoring and Payroll Solutions for the first time in Pakistan

We work on a B2B2C model allowing companies to extend the product as a benefits program to their employee base





We are helping employees to avoid late payment fees on bills, access emergency cash and substitute expensive debt.

Abhi has the best of the best from every field, working round the clock to create innovative financial products to make your life easier.

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