AirCarbon Exchange
ACX brings traditional commodities trading infrastructure to the carbon markets.

ACX is a Commodities Exchange using distributed ledger technology on a traditional trading architecture, making carbon trading frictionless. As an innovative company, it leverages blockchain technology to create securitized carbon credit on Ethereum and ERC20 & ERC721 tokens.

ACX is a platform; it does not broker trades or offer consulting services to projects; it simply and effectively streamlines carbon trading.

What we do
Low fees | Efficient Trading | Transparent Pricing

ACX is creating a regulated digital carbon trading exchange to address the demands of a future carbon- constrained economy. By using blockchain technology to securitize carbon credits around market demand, AirCarbon streamlines trading, eliminating friction and producing a transparent benchmark price.


Opening the World of Carbon

ACX addresses the markets needs and the broader investor market by opening the world of carbon to global investors. Having developed the exchange for Singapore, the company now has plans for dual exchanges; one in Singapore and another in Abu Dhabi; housing the development team and part of the senior management in the United Arab Emirates.

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Who we are
Managing Director and Co-Founder

William A Pazos

William is a carbon market pioneer who has managed emerging market and high yield investments for more than 25 years. A Senior Climate Finance and Renewable Energy expert, William has a proven track record of developing, financing and managing projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

“We chose Abu Dhabi as our base due to its business friendly environment and robust regulatory framework. Being part of Hub71 has created a soft landing with an immediate ecosystem of support.”


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