arabee is a unique multi-functional platform offering a fun way of learning Arabic in any environment

arabee is an Arabic Language program that teaches Arabic in a fun and progressive way – offering a variety of interactive activities that can be enjoyed with or without parental guidance.

It is designed for children but can be used by anyone wanting to learn Arabic using a curriculum-based online programme.


What we do
We make learning and teaching Arabic a fun and interactive experience.

arabee was developed by teachers and educators who understand what it takes to learn, read, write and speak Arabic.

arabee has been designed in the UAE using Firebase, Google's mobile application development platform, and is continuously updated providing original new and fun content.




Learn to love Arabic, Love to learnArabic with arabee

The arabee team of language experts understand how children learn and acquire language naturally.

They have developed and structured the arabee learning program to hold your child's attention, keeping them engaged and making Arabic fun and easy to learn and remember.

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Who we are
Founder & CEO - Arabee

Lenka Basweidan

“Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, so having people experiencing similar challenges available to talk with and bounce ideas off, is essential.”

Co-founder - Arabee

Ferakh Lakhany

“Hub71 is more than a name and building, it is a collaborative community with state-of-the-art facilities, helping arabee to expand and gain opportunities in global markets.”

Lenka Basweidan
Ferakh Lakhany

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