archiREEF restores degraded ecosystems and mobilizes Blue Carbon to achieve carbon neutrality.

archiREEF combines expertise in marine biology and the latest technologies in 3D printing techniques and material science to create artificial habitats that are best suited for threatened marine life.




We utilize the power of 3D-printing and apply proprietary algorithms to print reef tiles made from natural materials

archiREEF offers climate solutions with eco-engineering approaches for ocean ecosystem restoration and adaptive solutions with the latest technologies in 3D printing, IoT, and AI to enhance the restoration outcomes.





We aim at bigger goals, specifically to expand our role from a coral reef company to a marine ecology company.

Our goal is to build dynamic marine ecosystems. This is  not limited to coral reefs, but it’s also about our coastline and mangroves, oysters. Our team co-designed the world’s first artificial reef structure 3d-printed in terracotta with the biomimicry adaptive design for the purpose of coral restoration.

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