Aumet is an online service that assigns distributors to medical manufacturers through a well-designed website

Aumet automates the process of assigning distributors to manufacturers, registering products, and distributing products, both offline through distributors and online through the Aumet portal.

Aumet is a master online distribution channel that uses online efficient technology to connect manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers. With distributors from 97 different countries that cover all medical specialties, and manufacturers that produce more than 200,000 unique products, Aumet provides a platform to match manufacturers with the right distributors in the right markets for rapid business growth and increased sales.


What we do
Connecting manufacturers, distributors and healthcare providers

With over 22,000 distributors and 3500 manufacturers on its database, Aumet matches a manufacturer’s needs and product distribution expectations with distributors’ experience, interests, and capabilities.

Its platform eliminates the hassle and the high costs associated with attending and exhibiting at industry trade shows, which for now remain the main channel for manufacturers to make contact with relevant distributors. Aumet redesigned the traditional way of doing business, using online efficient technology to target medical manufacturers, sign exclusivity agreements and generate new inquiries from healthcare providers.


An online company helping medical manufacturers assign distributors

Aumet has been connecting manufactures, distributors and healthcare providers since 2007, doing its business offline. It launched its onnline platform in June 2015 to change the way medical manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare providers worldwide conduct business with each other.

Aumet automates assigning distributors to manufacturers, get the best prices and sell the products directly to healthcare providers.

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