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Centered around a blockchain-powered AI marketplace, bitgrit gives companies access to AI models developed by data scientists world wide, harnessing talent and know-how that may be otherwise outside of their reach. Transfers of rewards are completed in our very own cryptocurrency, creating a self-sustaining web3 ecosystem.

It connects data scientists to companies in need of AI solutions, using modern technologies like serverless microservices and federated learning to level the playing field for all stakeholders.



bitgrit gives companies of all size access to transformative AI models through competitions that attract top data science talent

bitgrit is a decentralized and tokenized AI marketplace that helps organizations of any size harness the power of AI for the optimization of business activities. Our global platform congregates data scientists and broadens the possibilities of what they can create. 

With the use of democratic AI, companies are able to solve problems unique to their market without having to onboard expensive data science departments. Through the Web3 integration, data scientists are also rewarded fairly for work on the projects that attract them the most.


What we do

A groundbreaking AI Marketplace with Web3 intergation

Born out of a curiosity with, and enthusiasm for the ability of data science to transform the world, bitgrit is obsessed with the potential that it embodies.

The company’s AI marketplace uncovers new possibilities for AI solutions and blockchain technology that broadens the scope of services that contribute to the improvement of businesses and society. This unique model uses transactions and interactions based on smart contract and blockchain technologies.

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