BONFLITE addresses the outdated model of duty free shipping for airlines, duty free operators and air travelers

BONFLITE offers an innovative Duty Free Ecommerce platform as a solution for air travellers to purchase and collect duty free items at any point during their travel journey from pre-journey, to pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight or in destination.

By combining the customer reach and distribution channel of the airline with the broad range of duty free inventory, Bonflite is boosting both the top and bottom line for airlines, delivering incremental online sales for duty free operators, and transforming the shopper experience, all through its innovative retail technologies and effective sales distribution capabilites.


What we do
Innovative Retail Technologies Paired With Effective Sales Distribution Capabilities

BONFLITE realizes the challenges associated with on-board duty-free programs, with their limited catalogues, complex logitics and low conversion rates. It also recognizes that sales conversion rates in physical stores have been declining over the past years.

To provide a solution to these challenges, BONFLITE has developed innovative retail technologies that boost both the top and bottom line for airlines and encourage sales for duty free operators.

BONFLITE is the specialist duty free ancillary revenue partner for airlines, online travel providers and airport based travel retailers.

Ever since the concept of duty free shopping was invented, the model has never changed and even today it is still based on the same legacy system as in 1947.

BONFLITE is addressing this issue with its innovative technologies and models for airlines, duty free operators and ultimately air travellers.

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Who we are
Co-Founder & CEO - BONFLITE

Hongbo Sun

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Hongbo Sun

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