Caeli Engineering
Developing air filters that capture 99.3% of all air particles

Caeli Engineering develops Water Cyclone Air Filters that capture 99.3% of all air particles, including mechanical, biological and most chemicals, in R&D Labs, Production and Storage premises.

What we do
Using Water Cyclone technology to capture air particles

Caeli Engineering’s technology is based on a three-step water cyclone - the first cyclone takes away the rough mechanical parts, the air then passes under and throughout the second water cyclone where all bio, aroma, chemicals and the finest mechanical particles are captured.

The filters have recorded efficiency between 99.3% and 99.9%, tested and verified by two independent laboratories.



Cleaning air inside R&D and production premises

Caeli Engineering invented a technology that cleans the air from all known types of air pollutants - mechanical, bio (viruses and bacteria), aroma and chemicals.

The company’s invention delivers better results than Rainbow filters. Its Caeli filters are currently sold to R&D Labs, pharma, cosmetics, and food manufacturers to completely clean the air inside their testing (R&D) and production premises.

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