CardioDiagnostics is a medical technology innovation company specialized in data analytics

CardioDiagnostics develops sophisticated proprietary technology for the wireless monitoring of heart patients. Its technology has improved the lives of thousands of patients around the world. 

It is focused on creating Remote Cardiac Monitoring technologies in the aim of treating patients with cardiac problems

What we do
Using research based pioneering technologies to diagnose cardiac problems

CardioDiagnostics aims to treat patients with cardiac problems through remote cloud-based cardiac monitoring solutions, allowing patients to be monitored anytime, anywhere for extended periods of time.

CardioDiagnostics makes sure that physicians receive vital cardiac information needed to make a proper diagnosis.


Revolutionizing the cardiac care industry

Established in USA with global R&D offices, CardioDiagnostics develops proprietary technologies to monitor patients' hearts wirelessly.

Its team of ambitious entrepreneurs, engineers, and medical experts are working together to meet the market needs and solve existing problems in the cardiac care industry through research-based pioneering technologies

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Who we are
Founder - CardioDiagnostics

Ziad Sankari

“Our application process was smooth, staff were responsive and supportive, and the incentives are outstanding for our needs.”


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