Dapio transforms smartphones into contactless card readers, with one tap.

At Dapio, we’ve cut out the middleman, turning your smartphone into a direct card reading terminal, making it easy for businesses to accept cashless payments quickly and securely in store, over the phone, or on the move anywhere in the world.




Dapio is a simple, fast, contactless way to get paid

We make it easy to integrate our tech into your app or turn your smartphone into a direct card reader so you can get paid wherever you are and whenever you need to.

We specialise in electronic payment services, bank processing systems, mobile devices and payment terminals.

We also develop innovative, market leading products for both banks and small businesses alike.





We’re on a mission to help any business, big or small, to use Tap to Pay technology by turning smartphones into direct card reading terminals.

Whether that’s embedding our tech into your app or working with you to build a bespoke Tap to Pay app for your business, we’re ushering in the next generation of payments.

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