Using AI technology, the power of community and traditional Arab cuisine to improve wellness

Based on years of helping over 50,000 people across the Arab world improve their wellness and lose weight, Dawsat offers employers, insurers and healthcare providers a platform for helping reduce the prevalence of obesity and related diseases within their employee and beneficiary community.




Promoting healthy nutrition

Dawsat leverages the power of technology and local culture to reverse the diabetes and obesity epidemic facing the Arab world.

Through an app rooted in AI, Dawsat promotes healthy eating and ways to introde healthy diets in lifestyles. Dawsat’s digital tools and weekly group meetings help users lose weight, improve their health and assist their families and communities in making healthier nutrition choices.


How we do it
Improving people's lives

With offices in London, Amman, Nablus and Bahrain, Dawsat is the first and only wellness program based on an easy-to-follow points system and the traditional Arab kitchen.

Dawsat offer companies, employers and insurers ways of using digital tools to improve employee wellness, health and productivity, based on traditional Arab culture.

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