Denarii Cash
Modern cross-border payment app for migrant workers.

Denarii Cash is a cross-border payment solutions platform that provides fast, low-cost international payments for its users.

The company enables money transfers using mobile wallets to help overseas workers send money home with zerofees.

What we do
Seamless internatinoal money transfers through a mobile app

Denarii enables money transfers via a seamless mobile experience for overseas workers to send money home with zero fees.

Through its app, users can set up a free account in minutes, pay by debit/credit card or bank transfer and send money internationally with same-day delivery to dozens of countries

A money transfer app offering a fast, affordable and contactless way to send money home.

Denarii Cash is a money transfer app that makes sending money to the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal faster, safer and more secure for Overseas Workers in the Middle East.

The company the highest conversion rate and lowest transaction fees which helps Overseas Workers send more and save more to their families back home.

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