DoctorsAE lets users find the appropriate doctor & contact the hospitals & medical care centers for consultation.

DoctorsAE helps healthcare seekers in the UAE find their most suitable doctor through a digital platform that also provides users with the ability to contact hospitals and medical care centers for consultation.

Whether you need primary care or more specialized consultation, DoctorsAE brings you the most credible information on most of the licensed doctors in the UAE across a wide range of medical specialties.

What we do
DoctorsAE offers a platform to discover the most appropriate doctors and healthcare providers

DoctorsAE provides a website available in both English and Arabic where users can search for their required doctor by choosing a specialty, your insurance, location or language preferences.

Through the platform users can view details about the doctor including years of experience, awards and specialisms on a comprehensive profile page. DoctorsAE is free to use and also allows users to ask about their health condition to the healthcare providers.


Focused on delivering the best healthcare services

DoctorsAE has a team of passionate professionals who believe that you have the right to receive the best healthcare services and understand the importance of seeking medical help.

The team is devoted to providing clear information about the qualification, experience, and skills of the specialists who will deliver your medical treatment.

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Who we are
Founder and CEO

Hasna Almutawa

“With the Incentive Program set forth by Hub71, DoctorsAE marked 2020 with optimism and ending it with the advocacy to continue building a better future through technology.”


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