DX Compliance
Providing innovative AML compliance software to banks and fintechs.

DX Compliance makes compliance for Banks and FinTechs easier by providing innovative AML compliance software.

The company helps protect banks and financial institutions against organized crime, large fines and criminal prosecution while supporting their growth.

What we do
Creating solutions through machine learning and smart technology

DX Compliance’s software is designed by compliance professionals, for compliance professionals, regularly tested and updated with working groups.

Through its solutions, DX leverages smart technology to build fast, flexible AML Compliance Solutions. Machine Learning combines with clients’ rules & policies to ensure effective, accurate results.



Protecting banks and financial institutions against mutli-billion dollar fines.

Founded in 2018, DX Compliance’s mission is to make compliance for banks and fintechs easier, by providing innovative AML compliance software, helping them fight against organized crime and supporting the stability of both the financial system and their clients’ companies.

The young, dynamic and diverse team believe in innovation, security and integrity, and is driven by a sense of fairness and an ability to bring more transparency and clarity to the world of financial services.

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Who we are

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