Educhain advances cutting-edge blockchain applications for document management

Educhain provides enterprise software tools for designing, issuing and managing blockchain-enabled digital documents.

The company’s activities are centered around two core themes; Security – leveraging blockchain tools to issue secure digital records that are tamper-proof and independently verifiable, and Efficiency – advancing digital transformation to streamline services while reducing processing time and costs.




What we do
Issuing Blockchain-Enabled Records

Educhain provides its customers with a digital platform to design, create and issue digital documents in any language, on any blockchain, enabling users to receive, store, and share blockchain records in a digital wallet.

Educhain also deploys a customized Verification Portal to serve as a gateway for recipients to independently verify blockchain documents.


Issuers of Verifiable Digital Records

Educhain enables instant issuance and authentication of digital records for public and private academic institutions, enabling them to go paperless.

Backed by Techstars, it offers an approach to serve learners safely and efficiently, ith the mission to be the partner of choice for every online certification.

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Who we are

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