Providing solutions to mitigate urban heat islands

FortyGuard combines data science, predictive analytics with advanced materials as an urban cooling system.

The startup enhances existing city surfaces and lowers their heat index without changing the existing urban composition in a cost effective manner.

What we do
Efficient | Cost Effective | Effortless

Roadways absorb and accumulate solar radiation, and as it does the surface temperature increases. The hot surface temperature heats the surrounding air and, during the night, releases the accumulated heat and makes night time even warmer.

Once FortyCoat™ has been applied, the surface will regulate its temperature increase, decreasing the absorption of heat by the roadways, leading to a cooler night time.


How we do it
Improving people's lives

FortyGuard is a disruptive technology company that aims to improve the lives of people through effective climate control that promotes a sustainable economy.

Its team comprises 14 people, from nine nationalities with 235 years of collective experience, combining engineering expertise with business acumen, dedicated to improving the quality of life and addressing the effects of climate change by mitigating urban heat islands.

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