Making knowledge and expertise accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

GetBEE is an innovative online community builder solution which combines several features to streamline the delivery and management of online services.

It enables experts worldwide to provide consultations and reach clients virtually without the physicality of an in-person meeting.


What we do
Empowering knowledge exchange through the latest technology

GetBEE digitally transforms services across learning, wellness, coaching and consulting.

Its solution allows real-time collaboration by hosting a community of experts on one platform, an integrated calendar for clients to have access to your availability to book sessions, live video conferencing, sharing of files, documents and screen sharing in real-time along with automated billing and tracking system.


A B2B software company shaping the future of work

GetBEE is the leading platform for all knowledge-based on-demand services, shaping the future of work - while empowering knowledge exchange through the latest technology.

The company believes in diversity in tech and believes business is about people and technology that can be used for social impact. GetBEE works with global clients in education, healthcare, technology, consulting, and coaching.

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Who we are
Founder - GetBEE

Thea Myhrvold

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Thea Myhrvold

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