Promoting human skills

GLEAC is re-defining what and how to upskill in soft skills to get a better job. It is why the startup has clients such as Expo 2020, Accenture, Prada USA, People Strong etc. and was featured in Forbes Magazine.

With a 360 mentor feedback loop, GLEAC boosts the success rate of job seekers and engineers’ performance of existing workforces in just 10 minutes of upskilling a day.

What we do
Showcasing human skills

Using AI, GLEAC benchmarks and develops gaps in soft skills for any job in 10 minutes a day. The technology company then signals job readiness in human skills such as creativity, critical thinking and communication to any current or future job.

The startup also upskills in gap areas and provides a 360 feedback loop from an exclusive pool of 500+ GLEAC mentors.

How we do it
Improving human skills

GLEAC is a team focused on harnessing AI, techbology and people science to effectively show and prove that human skills and behaviour predict job performance.

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