Glycanage offers various plans which come with tailored advice from specialists.

With a simple finger prick test, we aim to accurately calculate a person’s biological age using glycan analysis.

Following the test, we connect you to our team of specialists who will work with you to discover where you may like help in improving your lifestyle.




We determine the state of one’s immune system and risk of chronic inflammation through multiple scientific methods.

While you have no control over the process of aging chronologically, your health and lifestyle can have a significant effect on your biological age.

We offer a simple, ground-breaking test that analyzes your glycobiology. The result will not only offer you an accurate insight into the current state of your health, but will also empower you to make informed decisions about your lifestyle.





Glyncanage is the only biological age test proven to respond to lifestyle changes.

Over three decades of innovation and groundbreaking research of glycans by our lab, Genos, have led to the patented technology that we use today in analyzing your GlycanAge.

GlycanAge is proven to work, in both scientific trials and personal tests spanning over 200k individuals.

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