Rewarding safe driving to redeem the value of your car insurance.

hala is a digital-based car insurance product that rewards you for driving safely.

For each day you're accident free, drivers receive hala coins which can be spent on meals, gym memberships, and hotel stays.

What we do
Using technology to save money on car insurance

hala is the easiest way to save money while driving safely offering drivers the chance to unlock rewards to earn back the value of their insurance premium.

Through its underwriting partners, Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC), hala offers a simple and more affordable way to buy a car insurance policy, regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority


The UAE’s first car insurance that rewards safe driving.

hala is built by tech startup Addenda Labs LTD. The company’s aim is to offer customers the simplest and most cost-effective way to purchase a motor insurance policy through its underwriting partners, Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC).

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Who we are
Co-founder & COO - hala

Karim Davis Dib

Karim Davis is a co-founder and business lead of Hala. An industrial engineer, Karim started his career in engineering, using his knowledge to consult and lead the operations for TMS, a traffic management start-up.

“For years, I was preaching and telling everyone that Abu Dhabi is great, but people felt it was too far away. Now, the conversation has changed, they say ‘tell me more, when can I come visit?”

Co-founder & CEO - hala

Walid Daniel Dib

“Being at Hub71 gives us credibility in dealing with VCs, potential hires, and customers because we’ve been vetted and approved by the region's most prestigious startup ecosystem.”


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