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The HeartWatch is a 24/7 non-invasive wearable ECG monitor that instantly detects and flags minor and major cardiac events. If a major abnormality is detected, the HeartWatch sends an urgent message to emergency services with the patient’s name and GPS location. By displaying the PQRST segments of a patient’s electrocardiagram at the exact time of the cardiac event, cardiologists can make a more accurate diagnosis.

HelpWear develops the HeartWatch

HelpWear is a HealthTech company that develops a continuous, clinical-grade ECG monitor, worn on a patient’s bicep. The device can detect anything from minor events (e.g. atrial fibrillation) to more severe incidents

What we do

Improving at-home healthcare   

HelpWear is allowing for 24/7 at home heart monitoring with an embedded emergency contact system for furthered prevention and bettered treatment of heart related illness with its invention – HeartWatch.

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