Housecall makes it easier to get same-day primary care home visits (house calls) through an app.

Housecall addresses the high prevalence of lifestyle diseases by remedying the underutilization and undersupply of primary care through the provision of easy-to-book home visits covered by insurance.

The Housecall mobile app makes it easy to book an unrushed doctor visit in the comfort of your own home. Licensed and qualified doctors can order labs, write prescriptions, and refer you to other specialists.

What we do
Making home visits easier and more convenient

Through Housecall’s mobile app, users can book licensed and qualified doctors to visit your home and provide prescriptions.

The app provides the up-front cost, so you know exactly how much you're going to pay before booking your visit, making home visits more accessible.

Dedicated to improving the quality of care and life

Housecall’s mission is to make primary healthcare more accessible while improving the quality of care, with the ultimate goal of improving people’s quality of life.

Housecall’s team is brimming with people who share an energy and desire to meaningfully innovate and redefine primary care delivery.

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