Music & Video original content generation AI, Deep Tech, Social Platform

Humtap’s vision is to empower anyone to transform their musical ideas into studio-quality interactive music and videos that can be co-created and shared across the globe.

Humtap is developing proprietary AI music and audio generation and AI video technologies for global social media applications. It is currently the only application that enables making original music and songs with user’s own voice and combining them with user's videos.


What we do
Creating an interactive music and video social platform

Humtap is creating a future where anyone without musical training, studio equipment, financial resources or access to music producers can produce an album.


Bringing AI Music to Mobile

Humtap uses your natural voice, along with our breakthrough AI technology to collaborate with you to create studio-quality music right from your mobile phone.

Humtap transforms creative inputs into an original song in any genre or any style.

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