iHealthScreen offers low-cost technology to facilitate large-scale screening of conditions, and consequently, save vision and lives

At iHealthScreen, we harness the power of artificial intelligence and retinal imaging to have a HIPAA compliant platform for early diagnosis of eye and systemic diseases.

We offer hassle-free early detection services and preventative medicine to patients for better efficiency, more convenience, improved odds of keeping vision and saving lives.




iHealthScreen is improving the health sector with AI and modern technology to save lives, time and money.

We develop novel, innovative software for retinal image grading and diagnosis of diseases and screen diseases to detect at an early stage





iHealthScreen has already achieved international influence

As a startup, iHealthScreen have won an impressive research fund of $2.5M from the USA National Institute of Health (NIH) and in the process receiving $6.5M from private investors and NIH research grants.

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