Kamkalima brings 21st-century skills into the Arabic classroom, and helps students develop their writing and communication skills in Arabic, while building creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. It empowers Arabic classrooms with the needed tools, resources, and support to raise a generation of students armed with skills, and to inspire teachers to do what they do best, teach.


What we do
Innovative | Inspirational | Educational

Kamkalima offers learning and assessment tools, and deep data analytics to help teachers in lesson preparation, student progress reporting and follow up, and most important assessment of and for learning. With Kamkalima, teachers are supported not only to capture students’ grades, but also brings focus on areas of weakness for interventions toward better learning outcomes.


Making learning more fun and effective

Kamkalima is an Arabic educational platform for learning and teaching in schools. Currently, over 20,000 students and more than 450 teachers across nine Arab countries benefit from Kamkalima. The team is not afraid to challenge themselves daily, they are eager to learn, ask questions, and try new things in pursuit of their mission to prepare learners in the Arab world in acquiring the skills and critical thinking that our rapidly changing global economies require.

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Who we are
CEO - KamKalima

Siroun Shamigian

“Joining Hub71 has been an important move for us, it has allowed us to grow into a new country and connect with like-minded startups. This move will only bring us closer to our goals.”

Siroun Shamigian

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