Empowering people with disabilities to develop their skills and individualities

Key2Enable is innovating in digital accesssibilty, the company empowers people with disabilities to develop their skills and individualities.

Beginning its operations in the USA with the Key-X Multi-purpose Smart Keyboard, Key2Enable became a portfolio company of Singularity University, the world’s leading school of innovation and entrepreneurship, meaning the startup is considered capable of impacting 1 billion people in the next 10 years with its suite of disrupting solutions and applications designed for people with disabilities.


What we do
Using exponential technology to develop the skills and individualities of people with motor, physical and intellectual disabilities

Key2Enable develop the skills and individualities of people with disabilities by providing innovative Assistive Technology tools that together with a unique inclusive educational platform, allow them to efficiently use computers and mobile devices for communicating, learning, gaming and ultimate live with greater autonomy.

The startup creates innovative multifunctional tools for digital accessibility which enables communication, learning and school inclusion for people with physical, intellectual and learning disabilities as well as other health conditions that challenge their movement, speech or comprehension.



Making the digital inclusion of people with disabilities become a reality.

Key2Enable was founded in Brazil with the goal of using exponential technologies to give autonomy and plenty of possibilities to people with motor and intellectual disabilities all around the world.

The company’s mission is to drive greater access and use of technology for persons with disabilities in emerging markets, maximizing opportunities for social and economic inclusion.

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Who we are
Co-founder & CCO - Key2Enable

Jose Rubinger

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