Keeping claim management fast and simple

KLAIM.AI helps healthcare providers small and large maximize revenue, predict cash flow and finance their pending claims.

The startup’s offering has been designed to ensure efficiency and transparency on the full revenue lifecycle of a claim from appointment to cash reconciliation, helping increase their revenue through reduced claim processing time and errors, and faster payments.

Combining the power of an AI driven SaaS platform with financing

Transforming healthcare billing and processing by combining a powerful AI driven claim management SaaS platform as well as financing under one umbrella.

Under KLAIM.AI, it provides an easy-to-use platform to trace and compile claims history, streamlining billing operations and claim-monitoring with an automated and user-friendly interface.



Dedicated to making healthcare payments better for everyone

KLAIM.AI is a smart FinTech & HealthTech startup dedicated to making healthcare payments better for everyone.

The startup aims to simplify healthcare payments, bridging the world of finance and data through data for better healthcare. KLAIM.AI has been implemented at hospitals in Dubai (with more than 1.5 million transactions) as well as clinics and pharmacies.

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