Maaleexi maks cross-border trade and finance, faster, cheaper and safer

Cross-border trade in food and agriculture is considered inherently risky as it involves perishable goods, where quality and quantity variations are common.

Maalexi’s digital automation and AI enabled technology platform enables users to have complete visibility at critical risk points of a transaction, and provides access to data to mitigate the risk of default or disputes. In order to provide these capabilities seamlessly across the globe, Maalexi has created a digital ecosystem of world-class partners.





We are a US-based trade and finance digital eco-system that facilitates both cross-border trade as well as the financing of food and agricultural products.

On Maalexi, importers can buy food and agricultural products wholesale directly from small and medium-sized suppliers, and exporters can get access to export finance for trades with credible buyers.




We combine cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise to mitigate risks and enable financing for buyers and suppliers.

We use technology and data to remove the barriers of trust, complexity, and access to finance that prevent small businesses from trading food and agricultural products internationally helping small sellers connect with credible buyers and undertake end-to-end transactions on the platform.

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