Mamo Pay
Mamo Pay simplifies everyday payments in a fast a secure way

Mamo Pay's mission is to empower people to effortlessly access their money through a platform that demonstrates simplicity, empathy, and utility.

The company is a peer-to-peer payment platform and wallet enabling users to pay, send, receive, and track payments instantly, as well as make payments online and in-stores.


What is Lamsa?
Using peer-to-peer payments technology to simply money transfers

Mamo Pay uses a simple platform to connect your bank account to Mamo Pay, allowing users to send money quickly to friends and family securely.

This payment method avoids the hassle of fees, IBAN’s, and removes the need for cash.


What we do
Devoted to simple and secure instant payments

Mamo Pay is made in the Middle East, in service of people in the region who are close to their hearts. The company set out to solve a real-life problem in the region and build a product experience unlike any in the region. In 2019, three friends left their full-time jobs to focus on Mamo Pay wholeheartedly. Today, the startup is made up of a small team based mostly in the UAE.

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