Mental is a virtual reality platform allowing companies to simulate work & training from anywhere in the world

Mental is a regional leader in VR software development, specialized in creating immersive & engaging VR experiences for education, training and entertainment. 


Mental also specializes in CG VR, mixed reality and 360 Videos.

What we do
Building VR to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy

Mental builds VR worlds that blur the line between reality and fantasy. 

To do so, Mental has built a foundation that’s comprised of uniquely powerful minds, experienced in having written stories, films, and developed games for the largest names in the industry.

Mental is home to a passionate team of veteran developers, artists, designers and producers that have created award-winning games and VR experiences worldwide.

The team are a diverse group of individuals that have come together on a mission to develop cutting-edge technology and design groundbreaking experiences.

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Who we are

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