Making impossible connections possible

Minly is a platform that enables the spread of positivity from a celebrity to their fan, with the purpose of creating joyous and unforgettable moments through personalized experiences.

It’s a platform where fans can connect with their favorite celebrities through various Minly Experiences, such as personalized video shoutouts, direct text messages and voice notes.

Bridging the gap between fans and celebrities

Minly utilizes the latest web and mobile technologies to provide necessary tools for celebrities and content creators of all kinds to monetize and connect with their audiences at scale.

The platform allows fans to request a personalised video shoutout from a broad selection of celebrities. The platform’s systematic content monitoring system builds a positive experience for both users and celebrities.



Creating joyous and unforgettable moments through personalized experiences

With so many people facing unprecedented hardships today, Minly helps give fans access to unforgettable experiences from their favorite stars.

Minly has also partnered with the Magdi Yacoub Foundation, an Egyptian NGO, committed to providing high-quality health treatments to the underprivileged, spreading further positivity.

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