Storing passwords offline away from the cloud

The award-winning MYKI product suite offers three solutions: The MYKI Password Manager & Authenticator for individuals, MYKI for Teams geared towards Enterprises, and MYKI for MSPs customized for Managed Service Providers & IT Resellers.

MYKI also offers an Offline Password Manager & Authenticator which stores your passwords, payment cards, notes and IDs, offline and away from the cloud.


What we do
Equipping users with tools to manage and own their personal and professional digital identities

MYKI locally stores passwords, cards, notes, government IDs and any custom category created, ensuring browsing data is not recorded and keystrokes and mouse movements are not logged.

MYKI stores an encrypted version of the phone number signed up to restore data to a new device and be able to send notifications and enable credential sharing between users. MYKI stores your password vault locally across devices with MYKI installed. The vault is synced in an end-to-end encrypted manner across different MYKI applications.



MYKI is a team of experts tackling identity management problems using next-generation solutions

MYKI are a team of security specialists, tech enthusiasts, privacy advocates, creative thinkers and dreamers that share the passion for making the Internet a safer place.

MYKI’s mission is to provide MSPs with the tools to protect their customers' digital identities.

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