Builds autonomous airfreight aircraft

Natilus is a small and growing team of extremely passionate engineers working on rethinking the next generation of freight aircraft.  



What we do
Reducing global air freight costs by 50% through the use of large autonomous drones

Natilus believes  believe that reducing the cost of airfreight by 50% will bring fresher produce into our stores, enable cross-border e-commerce to flourish and enable low infrastructure regions to develop.

To make that happen, Natilus is building a large 19,000lb unmanned aerial vehicle powered by twin turbo props. It is a blended wing body with the sole purpose of carrying cargo. It will be the first of its kind and the first BWB put into production.

Developing the future of airfreight transportation

Natilus are builders and designers who have worked on 25+ aircraft programs in general aviation, commercial and military aviation.

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Who we are

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