Connecting field teams with machines and enterprise software to optimize service delivery

Nestrom is an Integrated Field Service Management Platform that offers a unified operations platform that connects field teams, machines/sensors, and enterprise software to enable agile service delivery, cut on operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

The company is an Enterprise-Grade Mobile focused SaaS platform that runs as both a standalone and integrated solution, packed with features that make sure its user’s data is correct, safe, and of high value.



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Nestrom adapts to their user’s current operational workflows and adds an automation layer on top of the workflows, while auto-generating exportable reports that capture all the information that users need - whether for operations or audits.



Building data and mobility technologies to make your operational teams more effective

Nestrom is packed with features that make sure data is correct, safe, and of high value. The company’s approach to labor & asset-intensive operations, as well as deep expertise in cloud, mobility, adaptive workflows, and IoT technologies, are transforming businesses.

This includes businesses in industries such as Integrated Facility Management, Industrial Manufacturing and Equipment, Renewable Energy, Building & Construction Equipment, Mining, and Inspection & Testing Services.

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