Predictiv Care

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Predictiv Care sequences DNA from finger nail tips using next generation sequencers such as NovaSeq-6000, which allows for precision medicine – identifing genetically susceptible diseases based on DNA variants in the gene. This allows patients to assume full control over their genetic profile, empowering them to make accurate recommended health decisions. Likewise, it allows healthcare workers to have access to early diagnosis and optimal drug doses and recommendations.

The first DNA Digital Twin

Predictiv Care is a personal genomics solution for predictive medicine. Thanks to its unique and groundbreaking technology, Predictiv Care identifies the genetic predispositions of an individual on over 22,000 diseases and simulated reactions to 750+ drugs, enabling the physician to take preventive actions and more accurate treatments.

What we do

The future of medicine

Based on a person’s 20,000 genes, Predictiv Care is a digital version of a human that enables the assessment of levels of risk for 22,500 diseases (including 7,000 rare diseases), and the simulation of personalized reactions to over 784 drugs.

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