RIZEK provides on-demand services at your fingertips.

RIZEK is an online service provider in UAE and Jordan which brings convenience to its users by connecting them with healthcare professionals, handymen, cleaners, beauticians and other “Heroes” in the area.

Through RIZEK’s app, customers can easily access a variety of services with ease, transparency and assurance at their desired time, delivered to their door.



What we do
Offering a convenient service marketplace for healthcare cleaning handyman and beauty services

RIZEK helps make the necessities of modern life easier, quicker, and more affordable through a community of ‘heroes’ who are experts in their field.

Customers can benefit from RIZEK’s on-demand services at their fingertips that are delivered right to the door.





RIZEK is an online service provider bringing convenience to its users

RIZEK’s community of service providers cover a wide variety of services, while ensuring access to their program in ease, transparency and assurance at the desired time and location – offered at the best rates in the market.

The company provides the only marketplace structure that offers healthcare services; and through this, it aims to give a helping hand to the authorities and people by increasing accessibility to healthcare professionals and real-time response for treatments.

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