Sauce Capital
Hosting virtual brands to produce trendy food for delivery

Sauce Capital is building a platform for virtual brands to produce on-trend foods for delivery using its very own application called “Chew”.

The startup also uses its website, through an in-house developed food tech aggregator, that hosts a virtual food hall for virtual brands.

Using software to connect food orders and deliveries

Sauce Capital, including its wholly-owned application branded “Chew”, provides an online connection, using web-based technology that connects users with independent delivery contractors.

Through Sauce’s software, consumers can place orders for food and/or other goods from Sauce, either for delivery or pickup. Once a delivery order is made, the software notifies contractors that a delivery opportunity is available and the software facilitates completion of the delivery to the consumer. Once a pickup order is made, the software communicates with the customer regarding the availability of the order for pickup.



Delivering happiness through food

Sauce Capital is a a team of virtual brands, creators and community kitchen operators that serve communities across the Middle East with the tastiest and trendiest dishes.

The startup was founded in 2020 with a purpose to provide choice, convenience, and consistency to communities across the Middle East through their plates.

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