Helping commercial buildings, retail and events optimize the use of their space

Scanalytics records, stores and analyzes how many people enter a space, what routes and patterns they take, and how long an individual spends with a particular person, product or display.

Through insights and analytics, Scanalytics makes it easy to uncover product and customer insights from retail, commercial, or trade show space. As a result, they transition a space from simply displaying and selling products to one where you can analyse real-world engagements, apply them to operations, and improve the bottom-line.


What we do
Scanalytics measures foot traffic and enhances the visitor experience

Scanalytics provides real-time and historical reporting on foot traffic trends and behavior in your space. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, Scanalytics simplifies data into actionable insights, helping users increase sales, optimize floor plans and improve the ROI of locations.

The proprietary technology gathers data passively and unobtrusively, allowing businesses to customize any new or existing space into smart and responsive environments.


Scanalytics is passionate about People Counting Technology, Data, and Reporting

The Scanalytics team make it easy for users to capture entries and occupancy in buildings or individual spaces. By integrating a variety of technologies, the team’s cloud-based solution records and organizes traffic data and provides a variety of reporting and analysis to help better understand and manage a location’s occupancy.

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