Securrency delivers financial technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities.

Securrency is a technology products company that delivers a complete suite of security and compliance tools to issuers, broker-dealers, and alternative trading system (ATS) operators to enable the issuance, maintenance, and secondary trading of tokenized securities.

The company has created powerful regtech and fintech infrastructure technology that delivers unmatched multi-jurisdictional identity and compliance portability across different networks.




What we do
Using distributed ledger technology to future-proof financial systems

Securrency’s financial and regulatory technology stack underpins next-generation global financial services.

Its approach emphasizes ledger-agnostic interoperability and “plug-and-play” integration to provide a future-proof infrastructure and enable seamless integration of legacy financial systems with distributed ledger technology (DLT).



A financial markets infrastructure technology company focused on enhancing capital formation and stimulating global liquidity.

Securrency’s mission is to enhance capital formation and stimulate global liquidity by deploying state-of-the-art technology that is convenient, efficient, and interoperable.

Using compliance tools that establish a universal interoperable framework for automated enforcement of applicable rules and ready visibility by regulators, Securrency aims to contribute significantly to the establishment of fair, liquid, and efficient markets worldwide.

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Who we are
COO & CRO - Securrency

John Hensel

“Hub71 has been a springboard for Securrency. In 2020, our team tripled in size as we attracted top engineering talent to Abu Dhabi from around the world. Hub71 is the place to be for startups in 2021 and beyond!”

John Hensel

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