Automating the car shopping journey.

Seez collects, compares and evaluates cars for sale across all websites in the UAE, KSA and Kuwait. The startup offers pre-owned car deals and leasing packages from Official and Trusted Dealerships.

By organizing tens of thousands of car listings from all car websites, users spend less time finding the right deal through a transparent, efficient and user-friendly interface.


What we do
Simplifying and optimizing the car search process

With Seez app, users can search for second-hand cars based on body type or make, and filter results in seconds.

This smart search works by collecting listings from multiple websites, giving shoppers access to the largest inventory of cars in each market.




A team dedicated to using technology to ease car searches

Seez is a tech startup for car buying, leveraging proprietary AI, machine learning, and data to facilitate and automate the car shopping journey.

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Who we are

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