Guaranteed peace of mind

Senniors offers 24/7 reliable homecare. The startup selects the best caregiver to take care of the elderly or dependent person, considering all variables, from the potential cognitive or physical deterioration of the elderly person to the different soft skills required in each case.

These services are provided in their own homes or hospitals. Families and caregivers can use Senniors’ application to follow up, control and monitor the care received by the elderly / dependent person

Customized care plans

Senniors accompanies elders throughout different stages in their life, offering a comprehensive, progressive and dynamic home care solution.

What we do

Worry-free, 360º service platform

Senniors is a company from Spain creating social impact. It provides high-quality and professional services quality for the elderly and dependents.

Senniors support vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion, offering them job opportunities and providing pro bono legal services

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